Your Breastfeeding Journey

A research-based company

Research is in Medela’s DNA. While many other companies use the word “research” in their claims, Medela has a long track record in basic and exploratory research which truly sets it apart. “Research-based” has been a core value of the company for over thirty years and continues to be at the heart of all its activities.

Fostering long-lasting collaborations

Medela’s two business units of “Breastfeeding” and “Healthcare” follow the same values and principles when it comes to research. The company invests in fundamental research together with global key opinion leaders, leading scientists, medical professionals and universities.

Basic, exploratory research is a long-term proposition. Medela has successfully developed long-standing relationships with leading researchers as a model for how industry and academia can work together. Medela continually looks for  new partner universities, hospitals and research institutions around the world to join these collaborative programmes

Challenging fundamental principles

The outcomes of this exploratory research generate knowledge that often challenges fundamental principles. This provides a scientific basis for the next step of conducting applied research and, in turn, for product development and clinical research. By investing in these different activities, Medela brings research to life, with an overarching goal of educating professionals, improving future patient care and quality of life.

Medela aims to be experts in their respective breastfeeding and healthcare fields. Research is an integral part of its innovation process, which leads to products that challenge existing practices.   

Continuing the research journey

Medela’s commitment to research, both product and non-product related, is more than a simple claim.  As a truly research based company, Medela will continue its research journey into the future.

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